Somewhere Over the Wonderful World (update)

03/08/2018 14:57
One more update for my Tabs and a new played rendition.

Arrangement updates

01/08/2018 20:11
Kohala March and Pupu hinuhinu have updated example videos.

PDF files

21/07/2018 08:39
I realized how to do PDF files in TablEdit software and I will add a PDF file with all my arrs in  in near future.  Thus you can see the Tab directly with out need to download if you don't want to.  Here's first one as appetiser: Tiger Shark  Tiger Shark...

Tiger Shark, a new arrangement

22/04/2018 11:58
A Steel Guitar classic for kihoalu. You'll find the arr at Arrangements

Hilo, a new compilation of Kiho'alu for 2018!

31/12/2017 18:47
For the New Year 2018 I put out some new music! Check Recording.

Updated Eku'u Morning Dew

02/07/2017 18:28
I wrote this arr again on old basis with new ideas and more accurate melody and variation.

Aloha'oe arr.

03/05/2017 21:26
Finally I managed to write this song down. Check Arrangements

A new Hawaiian arr.

20/03/2017 02:47
Check Arrangements Ku'u Ipo I Ka He'e Pue'e One

New Duet arrangement

08/03/2017 18:37
La Partida, a traditional Venezuelan waltz for two guitars. Check Arrangements

New Recording

16/01/2017 20:46
Pickin the Jazz is my new audio compilation to download
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