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12th Street Rag

Said to be world's second most sold Rag after Maple Leaf Rag. Written in 1914 by E.L. Bowman. My arrangement from old piano score. Listen: Download: PDF: 12thStRag.pdf (321233)


Written in 1878 by the last Queen of Hawai'i Liliuokalani. This is an anthem of Hawaii, a song of love and seeing again. I was inspired to write this arr by Ozzie Kotani. This arr is all about great deep sound of Kiho'alu, no thrilling...

Cry Me a River

Written by Arthur Hamilton. An evergreen jazz ballad. My rendition is adapted from Will Fly's arrangement with my additions. Listen: Download: PDF: CryMeRiver.pdf (303676)

Eku'u a Morning Dew

Written by Eddie Kamae. A most beautiful Hawaiian melody, very popular. This arrangement is influenced by versions Sons of Hawai'i and Ozzie Kotani. . Listen: Download: PDF: EkuuMorningDew.pdf (305706)


A classic Finnish tune by our most well known composer Jean Sibelius. I have tried to spice it up with Hawaiian Slack Key style in open G tuning, also called Taropatch tuning in Hawaii. I hope I've succeeded. This is an updated Tab to first published one.   Watch the...

First Noel Slack Key

My small Arrangement of this classic Christmas song. This arr has special Hawaiian C Mauna Loa tuning C-G-E-G-A-E.   Listen:   Download: PDF: 1stNoel.pdf (271830)

Hau'oli Kika (Happy Guitar)

Written by me, a Slack Guitar study. This has developed with in time and it began as an improvisation. It should not be played too excact, in fact one notices that all things are not in tab that excist in video. Not any special song but people seem like it when I begin a gig with this piece. Sorry...

Kanaka Waiwai

Written by John K. Almeida. A religious song from Hawaii which tells a story where rich man meets Jesus and learns that richness is not how man gets to heaven. This song as Fran Guidry's version ( brought me to know Ki Ho'alu. This is how I heard the...

Kapolioka'ehukai (Heart of the Sea)

An instrumental tune by Dave Fiely to honor the late surfer Rell "Kapolioka╩╗ehukai" Sunn. I transcribed/arranged and publish the tune with Dave's permission. So here's two examples of the tune, the original and mine. The Tab is not exactly either but more directional for your rendition. The tuning...

Kohala March

Written by Henri Berger, a German musican who lived some 50 years in Hawaii in turn of the 19th and 20th century. He worked as Royal Band Leader and Queen Liliuokalani has said him to be the father of Hawaiian music. This in my rendition and arrangement of this timeless piece with so good...

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