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Kohala March tab

08/01/2020 09:15
A new tab on Kohala March. Some improvements on arr and better written music sheet. A new video will come later...

Christmas 2019 sheet music/tab: Sailor's Christmas at Hawaii

15/12/2019 09:59
A new special Christmas song in Arrangements section!

A new Tab: Kapolioka'ehukai (Heart of the Sea)

17/08/2019 17:24
A transcription of a nice instrumental tune by Dave Fiely.

A new arrangement: Onnelliset

04/08/2019 13:50
A new arr. of ol' Finnish tune in Hawaiian style.

Updated Tab for Finlandia

18/04/2019 17:03
I noticed some imperfections in the Tab and also some differences to what I paly. I hope this is "ready" now. I sorry that I'm not good to notice all details on my Tabs.

Arrangement of famous Finlandia

23/02/2019 10:58
A new arr is here! See Arrangements.

Somewhere Over the Wonderful World (update)

03/08/2018 14:57
One more update for my Tabs and a new played rendition.

Arrangement updates

01/08/2018 20:11
Kohala March and Pupu hinuhinu have updated example videos.

PDF files

21/07/2018 08:39
I realized how to do PDF files in TablEdit software and I will add a PDF file with all my arrs in  in near future.  Thus you can see the Tab directly with out need to download if you don't want to.  Here's first one as appetiser: Tiger Shark  Tiger Shark...

Tiger Shark, a new arrangement

22/04/2018 11:58
A Steel Guitar classic for kihoalu. You'll find the arr at Arrangements
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